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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time to switch the mood here.. and also the language

Hello dear reader-watcher-analyser-criticizer! I am back on my blog, jumped here from my another blog, which needed more care recently,... some kind of blog-hopping:) Need to survive in this century of divided attention, which is not easy if you have several priorities about sharing yourself with the public..
Also - the last moods I had on this blog were actually keeping me away from my own blog, because even if I had a point to share - the fact that it was in a way an outcome of a serious angryness - it made me not want to even have a look at it:) I just don't like being angry.. but how can you not be angry when there is so much madness around?
Anyway, now the idea is that more Armenian speakers got interested in this blog and i felt strange to forse them to read English, especially because some of them simply cannot understand English, so I want to switch to Armenian here, which means a lot of daily stuff that I will be putting on this blog will be only in Armenian, and the most important things that I will find necessary for also the English speaker world to know - I will try to translate in brief. Sorry for this change, i hope it will be understood.
Ուրեմն, հիմա կխոսենք հայերեն: Բարև սիրելի հայախոս հասարակություն!

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