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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why artistic expression is important?...

Simply because art is one of those SPACES where the human is free to not be bound with hatred or cruelty or whatever of that kind... so if a free human, particularly an artist, of any nationality, chooses cruelty on voluntary basis, with no explanation about the reasons for doing so, it can give some clue about the level of cruelty and related "qualities" of humans belonging to the same culture as this mentioned one... I also paid attention to what are the main subjects of the turkish artists on that (one of the biggest on the world!) website (, and I ca list the following: turkish coffee, turkish youth on the streets looking into the camera with an hardly understandable content in the eyes, turkish airforse, some cats (probably also turkish), turkish flag etc etc. When I think of art, flag and airforse are the last things to come to my mind, and I bet most of my international friends-artists would easily agree wit me...but unfortunately on more than 15 pages I have seen mostly that, and of course many nude women, which were there probably just to put an emphasis on the fact that man are somewhat superior to them, so they can have the priveledge to not be offered a nude photo session. Or maybe there is another reson for this last thing, but i don't want to go deep in such details:)

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