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Sunday, April 26, 2009

another example

I had a look on artistic expressions of the turkish students of art, and see what I found (here is the link so you can check it yourself). I tried to put myself in the place of an artist who has had a task to fit in a deadline, for creating an artwork called "Birth of a Nation", and somehow I couldn't imagine how it worked in this case... Well, most likely this "birth of a nation" was the moment of the Armenian genocide, so that is one big reason to not be tolerant to such kind of "art", and besides - this is just an insight, dear pro-turkish politicians or whoever else that is ok with sharing a space with this culture... Feel it!

citation from the mentioned link:
"Artist's Comments
Graphic Tablet, PS CS2

Inspired from the book "Şu Çılgın Türkler"
This is one of my rejected artworks for an historical-themed school project. (Turkish War of Independence)
My teacher said: " The sword-wielding man looks too cruel ...even for war."
May be he's right.. :)

This was meant to beat the deadline so you may notice it lacks some details.. "

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