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Saturday, June 21, 2008

"HENQ" .... instead of "ZENQ" ?

...well these Armenian words are in a way linked. The first one (henq) means "something to lean on, to get support with", and the second one (zenq) means "weapon". HENQ is the word that symbolizes the new Armenian non-political initiative and is struggling for LIFE and FUN in Armenia, in very very brief, but it can also be a 'weapon' if to consider the ANTI-LIFE and NON-FUN opposition and state stupidity as a danger, seriousely hanging over the heads of depressed Armenians nowadays...
I have a feeling that the HENQ thing is much more powerful and it already showed its shine the last several days and weeks in Yerevan, spreading a very strange message of playing with ideas / facts / thoughts / people.... I think Yerevan atmosphere was lacking in those elements of youth creativity, and now I feel so much more secure with HENQ existing!

"I HEN", instead of "I ZEN !" ("i zen" means "take the weapons", is an exclamation used very often during the Armenian history of invasions...."). "I HEN" would mean "Take the Support, support yourself!"... Correct me if am wrong:)
Hey, do you wanna be a tourist exploring street theatre and invisible theatre ?? Go to Armenia right now:) There are FUNarchists all around Yerevan city, playing with rules of public awareness and metaphysics, mixing them all in one pot called HENQ!

here is a link to one of the the latest stories on HENQ activities:


realarmenia said...

Good luck Mr.Vardumian!!!
Real movement in the Real Armenia!

Vahagn said...

Thankjs mister realarmenia! Good luck to you too!