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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Coctail with Silence and Water

I had new flashes about "Atlantida-2" in my mind these days, and some of them appeared to be just questions to the SPACE: "is Atlantida gone?"..."is Atlantida-2 the Atlantida-1 reborn?"..."What does it all actually mean?"... "Is this just some conceptual art mixed with daily worries about the last marks of Atlantida getting deleted from people's mind-files?, or is this a real feeling of the new kind of civilization getting started in the hearts of people who do not rest without dreaming and acting??" .... and actually...where is Atlantida-2?... (this is the rhytoric answer-less question I ask to myself every time when i again feel strangly far from nature, at times because of sitting too long in front of this eye-freezer computer...or sometimes because of interacting with too many human-made things...)

...there really was no sound but silence in these headphones, and the only thing I heard was a reply from "nowhere", saying approximately this: "Atlantida-2 is there where you locate it, it is there where your inspiration meets your friends and your actions, it is where all the others' dreams meet, so on some kind of 5-dimensional mental crossroad with amazingly complicated net of life-lines just like each of us has on both hands, but in a more semi-real mega-weird way:)) See, the language is having difficulties to serve as a tool to explain things about "Atlantida-2", and is actually symbolic, because language is gonna give way to moe efficient way(s) of communication for people to communicate with each other, in order to get to that station, called "Atlantida-2";-)))

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