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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Flash mobs flashing in Armenian minibus lines:)) Maybe that is what Salvador Dali was trying to predict in 1943?:)

Armenian Youth flash mobs seem to be starting again, but carrying a new message, more about society, less about leaders and sheep (lieadersheep!)... Not much info yet, but i have a feeling that Dali had the same feeling when drawing this picture...


Anonymous said...

you seem like a very bitter person. why is that when the Armenian youth are doing something you call them sheep, but then you post youtube clips of flashmobs in New York City. Isn't that hypocritical? Or are you so enamored of foreigners that to you whatever they do is good and ok, but whatever Armenians do is not? Or is it simply because you don't like the politics of those Armenian youths you call sheep?

Vahagn said...

you didn't get me. I like the flash mobs that got started again, but not those which lead to violence, like on march 1... I mean the flash mobs in minibuses that were done on june 7th. I love it all, please raad more of my posts and you will see the line, not to get confused:)
To make it more clear: I like when people do what they really understand and they know the consequenses more or less. New York flash mobs are often like that, armenian politically oriented flash mobs are often..not like that, and even if you think they are - let me be more critical towards armenians because i DO CARE for better stuff, and what the new yorkers are doing, doesn't really bother me much. it is their own business.
Now, I like that some of armenian youth are OK to do flash mobs to develop ideas, but not to destroy buildings....that kind of youth is never called a "sheep-youth" know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

I had never seen this Dali picture! It's amazing and I REALLY appreciate your thoughts and positive outlook for the future!

People thought ALL is dependent on those that RULE THE WORLD, whether inside or outside of the borders of our homeland, BUT we are the creators of our future, especially where such constructive youth initiatives take place.