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Thursday, May 8, 2008

"TEGHAPOXUTYUN" (moving) ... is starting now! HIMA!:)))

/I am now trying to re-brand the word "HIMA" (now) because it is actually quite useful word and it would be a pity to lose it.../

Hey! According to my latest active and sometimes hyperactive (hyper-active is a psychological diagnosis I know...:) communications with many people around, it appeared that there are more of them interested in less politically-aggressive fight against clumsy governmental stupidity. This mentioned tendency has been very well formulated by a well-known blogger, as follows: "putting aside partisan party politics to work locally on global issues" !:) (Onnik from Those global issues can be found in plenty in every country, especially in small countries like Armenia, and in this particular case the idea is to unite non-aggressive youth around a rationally organized and well understood movement that cares for nature and consciousness of human beings, and chooses the balance instead of misbalance, where there is still a chance for that. Considering the fact that there are now more people who want this than those who prefer to get stuck in already heavily politicized movements (like HIMA, SKELA etc), I am hoping that this idea will grow into a movement, or better to say - several different existing groups and processes will want to get on one line, and be able to defend their views and fights more effectively from the two main polluted directions of Armenian current reality - the state-driven self-defensive system and the state-grown frustrated opposition...
I dare to say that the "TEGHapoxutyun" has started!:) Let me explain why I dare: it exists in many of us - the wish to act but not be used by others with narrow ambitions, the wish to be doing something and knowing that it is not gonna end up with another manipulation or unexpected changes of the main lines we all planed together.
I believe that this little switch of an approach to what means ACTING will be understood by the youth at least.

P.S. Here is something like a manifest: "We - the Teghapokhakans (the supporters of moving revolution:) announce the moving of the armenian youth minds from politically polluted city atmosphere to a more natural one!". "moving" here means that we tend to bring ourselves closer to nature for even a round table or a press conference; imagine a round-garden instead of round table, a forest conference instead of press-conference:) and stuff like that. More ideas are welcome!:)

Do I sound too naive / idealist / utopist / peaceful ?? Well, I don't care:)


agni said...

Heghapoxutyun~ ?
TEGHAPOXUTYUN~~~ !!!!!!!gtaaaaaa!!!

Vahagn said...

ha kareli a asel tenc proces er, evolyucia:)

Ovsanna said...

TegHapokhutyun,,, movement,,, it is something inside which we are all the time :) It is just needed to be realized ~

I like it :)

Vahagn said...

Thanks! It has already being realized for some time, but what we are doing now is - getting the different parts of the puzzle together:) Nothing new but the approach.
I would also call it "non violent politics spiced by power of nature":)It can have as many names as we wish..Names are not important, the cleanness and honesty of our intentions is important. And of course courage to maybe lose some little battles bt win the war at the end:)

Stepan said...

I have a free right to teghapokhutyun, and I wanna exercise that right! Politics - not cool, campaigns - too dirty, politicians - way too hypocritical!

Yes, the answer *is* YOUTH!
But I forgot what the question was...


Ovsanna said...

"maybe lose some little battles bt win the war at the end"

For what is the WAR? With whom is that?? If you even think about the War, you will never ever win !!!

Don't even think about the war, and help people not to think and you will be the winner :)))~

Vahagn said...

ok, but we cant avoid the fact that by nature humans also tend to fight
within themselves and with outside world
it doesn't necessarily mean unfair fight
but if there is an overdose of unfair situations then it is NOT OK
you may ask "what is the definition of fair and unfair if we talk about fights?"
and i may say that "the fight is unfair when the fighting parties are not equally prepared for the fight, also if that fight is involving too many people who are not related to the actual fight
fight is a word that can be used to illustrate a debate, a hot conversation, a real shouting
or whatever else that each of us easily recognizes when it happens
so i think ignoring the fact that fights exist wouldn't be a good solution, but we could try to somehow make a balance in cases when we have a chance to interfere
And i do believe it is possible to at least reduce the fighting tendencies to such a minimum, that it becomes very hard to recognize
and i belive in it so strongly that i even dare to say i am able to achieve it
in local and global levels.

Ged said...

Sick of governmental dirt, sick of opposition's poison and stupidity... Don't want to play the games that are suggested... Time for OTHER games... Yap, the Nature can help... Teghapoxeq... xax@ AJL dasht...

Vahagn said...

Let's try this game:) I am also fed up with different high quality poisons! I want to breath free, and I know where is the place for that! Nature! Some kind of "Political talks in nature" are coming up... i feel it:)

elf said...

Heyyyy!!I like the keyboard:)))nice nice nice!
Texapoxutyun- i just wanted to say that more u have been in the nature, the more you realise your smallness in the universe but at the other time grate mission to understand it and learn to live in harmony with it's rythm.Politics, chemistry, bla bla, its all so little shit in comparison with just feeling and realizing that even the little flower that graw up under your window is breathing. Everything lives in its own way but in harmony with universe. Each of us is a small peace of life which will end somewhen, so just try to feel with your crazy, humanized and socialized body that the mission of human being is not to compose his own rules and even more, devorse others to be under that rules, but just to learn himself to leave in the rules of universe. Herat can not make Tuk Tuk under the rithm of 50 Cent, it must make Tuk Tuk in the rythm of your body, which connected with your soul, which connected with universe, it's part of it. So for the beginning just TEXApoxeq your view from tvs to a trees. They will tell you more.

galstyan said...

Te-gha-po-khu-tyun! Va-hag, Va-hag!)).. oops, sorry:)

Vahagn said...

Ana-HIT ! HIT HIT HIT! :)) oops:)