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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Suggesstion for Northern Avenue talks

We - Armenians like to complain that it is very hard to unite us around something important, and there is a lot of public and media panic about it, and many of us choose to group around whatever looks big and noisy enough, to make us feel important, and who knows, maybe to help us do something that we would never do if we'd be alone...
So, I thought, what if we try to save the Earth instead, locally? For example there is a biketour to Teghut forest soon, which the Northern Avenue people could join. I heard the organizers of this biketour are not very fond of the ltp-oriented zombozition, but I don't know how strict they are about the favorite phrases of the enthusiasts, for example in case if some from them would express a wish to shout "levon levon" when demonstrating against deforestation? I hope it is not gonna be a problem.
Anyway, since I found out how useless it is to try to make clear that you don't need to be "with levon" in order to be "against serj", when it comes to levo-lutioners, I have an idea to organize something where people could come together for a trip to nature, or an action somewhere out of politics, and will have no right to talk about politics, or even have a political walk:)

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Onnik Krikorian said...

For what it's worth, and from what I've seen and heard in recent months, I think that environmental activism has the potential to be the start of a true pro-democracy movement given that it actually involves a lot of related issues such as good governance, anti-corruption activities, planning for the future and stuff.

Only problem might be if groups such as Hima try to hijack the efforts for partisan political purposes. The environment, for example, was used as a cover for political activity towards the end of the Soviet era. Anyway, here's hoping that a real ecological movement can unite people of different political beliefs while also keeping the partican politics under wraps.

Good Luck.