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Monday, May 12, 2008

Human-to-street stuff to be replaced by Human-to-human stuff

The trip was refreshing, and with a fresher mind we are now growing a bunch of ideas into long-term projects about work with media, journalism, intercultural dialogue, interconnectedness, and stuff like that, to be implemented in coming months. All these ideas are linked and people behind them gradually start getting into the whole idea of complex approach to active citizenship. In very general words it sounds like this: we learn together how to not jump out of life-track every time when we are disappointed or over-inspired by something. Sorry to be a bit too abstract sometimes. I prefer that then complicated sentences here, later everything will become more sensible. At the same time, we try to see together things which we usually can't imagine being together. We will also get deeper into human-to-human relations in the new electrified environments and try to analyse the bad's and good's of it.

Yeah, comparing to the street acting this feels to be too slow... from the first glance only.

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Narek said...

I am always happy to see such rebels, such positively motivated people who want to change something in this world. We need it now. I join your fight!

But I want to know your methods. You want to argue till the end, and prove that so many things are wrong in our politics, society? I know you can succeed because your arguments are true, but this path is sooo long. When arguing and fighting with stupidity you are still giving feed to them. And through logic, arguing, fighting, condemning it is soo hard to find love, silence and transformation.

I suggest not to waste efforts on judging, condemning or evaluating what is wrong or false and build a truth only in opposition to them.

Now I see we need a discontinuation from the past, not to react to stupidity and darkness but to act from a new. We have to concentrate on the root of the tree, to transform the individuals, to help them to find their own light, to create more meditative energy, to create more lovingness, and then many problems will dissolve by themselves. We don’t need to promote new REVOLUTIONS or EVOLUTIONS, there is nothing new in it, we need TRANSFORMATION. We need to create new human beings with fresh eyes, with new values, with new consciousness. Without new humans, there could be no new world.