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Sunday, May 18, 2008

CH-Hayer / Non-Armenians idea to be shut down immediately for the sake of all Armenians!!!

CH-HAYER gaghapary hayastanum paraktoghakan mtnolorti xoracmany npastogh motecum e parunakum u petq e anhapagh likvidacvi haykakan blogosferayic!

aha linky ays anhavatalioren haka-haykakan naxadzernutyany:

The Idea CH-HAYER (non-Armenians) is a kind of approach that stimulates the separatist atmosphere in Armenia and has to be cut off the armenian blogosphere!

here is the link to this unbelievably anti-Armenian initiative:\


galstyan said...

:( zzveli a :(

autonoman said...

You call for the 'cut off' of blogs from the Internet. Are you advocating Internet sensorship?
This sounds very familiar, the current Armenian fascist regime tried to do that.

Vahagn said...

Wow, so you blame me huh?? Cut off means cut off, because it is annoying to have a separatist crap on internet which is so much visible and can affecxt the depressed minds of armenians:)) Not a good idea you think ?? You offer to leave it there? Why? Don't wanna see armenians greeting each other on the streets anymore? What's your offer than? Wanna make more of that kind of websites and spread the separatist mood?

Onnik Krikorian said...

Personally speaking, While I disagree with the blacklist I also think that you can't censor or cut off although would like to add that the government have not done anything like that to blogs in Armenia.

At the same time, speaking from my own experience, it was the radical opposition who attempted to restrict freedom of speech, expression and political opinion with near constant accusations, threats and intimidation of anyone who held a different opinion than they in the comments section of various blogs as well as through emails etc.

Anyway, while I don't advocate "cutting off" such blog posts, there's no doubt that I find such things regrettable. Still, the best way to cope with such things, in my opinion, is to instead do what Vahagn has done.

That is, to comment on it in their own posts.

Aram said...

You miss the full picture. We have political prisoners, we have 10+ killed, the interrogations and imprisonments are continuing. And now you are blaming the victims for protesting.
well, if you like living in slavery that's your choice, it is definitely not mine.
Is Haylur having some impact on your brains?

Coming to the Internet censorship
the Armenian KGB blocked many websites but in a very disorganised way. They did it in ISP and domain name level.
For example if you could access some websites through Arminco you could thru Xter. there was no black list. all was done through telephones calls. maybe so that later on they could easily blame everything on ISPs.

The question here is not the blocking of blogs in particular but the censorship in general including the Internet. Among other websites Youtube was blocked. I know at least a case when a blog was blocked by Xter.

Gayane said...

Aram - we have 10+ killed largely because the radical opposition was delusional and followed "leaders" who used the frustration in society to push against the limits of the law to the point that clashes were inevitable.

The point that Vahagn is making is this idiotic call to consider people non-Armenians is just that - idiotic.

Enough divisiveness. Thank God the people have woken up and abandoned the divide-and-conquer demagoguery of the radical opposition. Let's hope the current authorities can improve the political climate and help put the nation back together.

Vahagn said...

Yes gayane, that is what I am trying to tell to people: I value each life not less than those who started accusing me of almost being fond of rapers and killers and criminals, in general....just because I am not fond of opposition:)! This is ridiculous. Anyway it makes me truly happy to see that some of those who read my blog get that point. we are NOT ALONE!:)

Vahagn said...

I believe this is a breaking point now for the mentioned divisiveness and idiotic divide-and-conquer demagoguery to come to an end. I velieve there are more people who share this idea and choose the strategy of uniting to win and get the civilized society established, instead of dividing the nation to crash the state easier... I believe soon another wave of socially, politically and culturally conscious youth movement will arise on Armenian horisons, and this acting for the benefit of the country and people will become more fun than it is now!

Anonymous said...

so now its the time to blame the victim?
In the same way you can blame the raped.
I am sorry but your argument is idiotic Agrav.
And you call yourself autonomist while in reality you are Statist slave or a supporter of the fascism.
Pardon my language. It is the result of my disappointment.
No need to publish . This is a personal message from a real autonomist.

Aram said...

Gayane and Vahagn
It is the State machinary which impliment the devide and conqure demagogy.
The protests were pacifist and very joyful. No force was excerted by the protestors.
It was on the early morning of March 1st when the protestors werfe attacked while they were sleepy.
Please stop blaming the victims. It is always easy to blame the victims.
Anyway this is my last blog here as it is pointless. You had too much of Haylur injection.

Vahagn said...

who said that?? Did anybody say that it is the time to blame the victim?? Halooo, are you halucinating my dear stranger anonymous?? Or do you really enjoy making things up just for fun?
You know I am not gonna answer your thoughts the way you want:) Talk to yourself, and I will publish it sometimes, so I will leave you the freedom of speech you deserve. let others judge on what you are talking here.
You are a guest you know, and in Armenia the guests are respected:)
have fun reading your post:)!

Gayane said...

Anonymous, I blame the radical opposition for the deaths of the protesters and the policemen. They and the rest of Armenian society are the victims, and Levon and his power-hungry, divisive, anti-state co-"leaders" are to blame.

I am not blaming the victims, but instead the ones guilty for inciting the mob to hate hate hate until blood was shed.

Vahagn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vahagn said...

But because the hatred is being spread around with such an advanced technology and by people who have many hatred-spreading skills, this conversation is not bringing any understanding to us, and the guys who just can't imagine that ltp and others also can do mistakes, are not able to understand that we are not blaming the victims!!!
Moreover, the more we try to explain that we are not against common people, but we are against those who manipulate (from both sides, opposition or government, doesn't matter), the more these angry guys will accuse us of being fascist, and stuff like that. So I donno, maybe we should just leave this conversation, and start another one with people who are not yet infected by the hatred and its after-affects.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to getting more information about this topic, don't worry about negative opinions.