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Thursday, April 17, 2008

In these days of heavy political tensions and wide spread stupidity in Armenia, i often feel like keeping silent and observing, but at times i just can't anymore! There is a big paradox about Armenian youth: it is so easy to affect their minds with false charisma and pathetic bullshit, that they really lose their minds for a while... I actually mean the crap and mental garbage around so called "opposition movement", the "LEVOlution" which came suddenly to this land, and is now dwelling in humid minds with the branded phrases like "levon levon", "khaghtenq (we will win)", etc. How come the fantasy of young activists crashed at such a primitive level of acting? How come they all fell in love with absurd and aggressive approaches of those who have their own goals for this land, and who came to disorganize our society?
Rhetoric questions don't really need answers, so feel free to not say anything here:)


Byurie said...

*doesn't say anything*

Vahagn said...

you mean the picture doesn't say anything?;-)