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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I love when pictures talk:) like this one!
Can you hear what does it say?? I guess it gives a hint that the more aggressive you get, the more it escalates... and so, we, Armenians, are entering a militarized era of Armenian history, because we are often in a hurry to do something, without thinking what, why and how are we doing?.... Would you enjoy giving a freedom of speech to someone who just wants destruction, nothing else?? Did you ever analyse what's the real sense of the words of ltp and guys alike? Did you really HEAR what was being told to the public on the freedom square??? Freedom square was becoming a freeDUMMY square where lots of dummies from one side, and lots of deceived citizens from another, were celebrating the freeDUMMYsm of the Armenian current reality altogether... Now, what next??

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