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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey! I am back in my mountanious land, and in my virtual land. Here is the first impulse i want to share with you.

Not that i had nothing more informative to share. well, song is a very cool thing and Sinatra says more to me in this phrase, than those both thinkers. What do you think? Yes, and congrats with the new year and stuff like that. it is going to be another year with lots of financial, geopolitical and related manipulations, to make us all angry, upset, and weak... I take it as a great opportunity to challenge myself, to think, to understand and to ACT! Wish you the same!


Levon said...


Vahagn said...

mersi axpers:)

Merrie said...

lav erajshtutyunna pakasum, ereq frazanern irar miacnelu hamar... Sinatrayin dur kgar .... hehehe :)))

Vahagn said...

ha, mtacum em Regina Spektor-i erajshtutyuny dnem, tesnem mi ban stacvum a?:) Ha, Sinatrayin dur kgar, ira duxv a stacvel. I dep yes chem hexinaky, uxxaki yes hexinakin ognum em inqnartahaytvel, ir isk kamqin hakarak:) Isk qo cmmentneri hamar shat shnorhakal em:)