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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

waves like music

Of course walking on the beach was a greater entertainment for me than shopping or visiting touristic places. I tried to leave there some of the useless thoughts I had. The sea carried them away to the horison and they all got burned in the fireworks of sunset. Then we got inspired to do some flashmobs in supermarkets, and we did. So the beach mood went into some supermarkets and now people have more memories from this summer. That felt a nice participation in this foreign society. I like becoming a part, not just visiting or consuming. Wish you the same in any new place.

And here is a new poetry I found in the air 2 days ago here in a park. I mean - I wrote it:

Already fully fallen in

Love with Life and Fun,

In the forest of noise

Everywhere and all the time

Not getting affected though, we’re just

Silently observing. We, the Aliens of Earth!


Anonymous said...

I was looking at this picture and thinking maybe organ (the musical instrument) was discovered this way...


Anonymous said...

… All muse that Life inspires us
Lives in the air, in the skies,
In the spirit of Nature,
Everywhere … in Space in Us,

Now and always
Smiles at us with eyes full of tender and spice …

enxofre said...

nice flat, this one... isn't it?
let the rabbits come to us! be our guiding light!

Anonymous said...