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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Insight-outsight (or Insight-out) /monologue/

I had a second of thinking over many of the ideas and actions that kept tickling my mind the last months, about all the cyber activist stuff that I am so much into (or I think I am), all the real time activities held by my friends and their friends thousands of kilometres far away from where I am now…about all the loses and victories of people who try to do things…. And that second of thinking was such a long and big one, that it exploded within itself into a set of doubts / analyses and here they are in front of the dear readers of my blog! First of all I again came to the point that there is actually no point for talking, when we still have head, hands, legs and the rest to engage in ACTION. I talk now, but I know this talk will have just NO value if my actions will not prove that I am honestly working my ass out to bring a change to the people, by first trying to change myself into something more useful and interesting for the people, world, universe… But well, I cant stop sharing myself here because it does give some real effect, according to my criteria of what is “effect”. Several months ago I had tens of depressed and tensioned Armenian fellows to speak myself to, about what I think we all could do to at least get rid of our own depressions, or what we all could do for others – to listen, understand, help them, and to ourselves of course, by feeling good for having done something gentle and useful.

Now, here, in this forest of digits and mental waves coming from the most random directions, meeting up on this blog (and other blogs like this) and then again getting spread around even more randomly, here in this dark room with people who don’t see each other’s faces but talk to each other (imagine this in real life, it is in a way scaryJ)) ), I see some really little changes, for example the fact that my blog is being viewed by people from more than 50 countries, and it can be often around 100 people a day. And it makes me feel even more responsible for every single word I write here, or pictures I put, and I try to also become more useful. And thus this virtual “dark room” starts becoming a multi-level platform for me and others to meet, tell, discuss, disagree, whatever… I really value every single comment here, just as if I would meet the person in real life, and I try to imagine I am actually looking into that person’s eyes when replying to the comment, even if I have never seen him / her. Why? Because I simply don’t feel like harming someone even online. Especially for no real reason, and by having a pure understanding of disadvantages of online interaction to a real life interaction.

I think one of the main ethical norms in cyber-interaction could be “no harm” as in most of the ancient civilizations, although they didn’t have this online side of the world.

To try to conclude this long text I just want to mention that for me this is not at all just a tool to get things out of myself … this is the virtual Mirror Server of my Self. This is my home, and you are my guest. Guest is a being of a very high significance. One should respect guests, by giving pure water until they decide if they wanna stay longer and maybe have a meal or do whatever else together, and so on.

Now, I must cut this monologue out, coz I SEE how long it got. This is not right.

But as a blogger with only a little more than one year experience, I needed this monologue. Thanks for all your attention dear reader, if you are still here;-)

Take a good care of ...the Big Lovely World. It should then take care of you. I think.


mariam said...

Very inspiring,good stuff Vahagn,i like the n in Vahagn!
i usually don't brows on internet,what broth me here is i was looking, Yoga in Armenia or Armenians about Yoga.i by my self practicing yoga and teaching as well, and being Armenian i would love to share that knowledge with my people,which i am planning.
You doing beautiful work,keep sharing and caring.
With my all being,Love and Light!!OM SHANTY

Vahagn said...

Thanks a lot Mariam! You inspired me a lot this cold snowy morning:) I am now really looking forward to go back to Armenia on this friday, and restarting my Yoga lessons there again!
Maybe wanna come see once?:)
And where are you living? In Armenia or out?