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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The functionally useful tie - renewed with a drawing

I made the picture of a kid with the bird (some apocaliptic series from the book of BANKSY "Wall and Peace") on this tie, and now it will be also functional in edicational-cultural meaning, as well as contact making (for example if someone who likes street art as well, will see this drawing on my tie, might want to know why and how do have it there?). Or at least this is the way I am trying to explain my passion of drawing EVERYWHERE!


Hasmik said...

Your blog is an interesting modern “encyclopedia” full of feelings, emotions, ideas and views that are infectious… it opens many new pages, educates in many ways, it has become an important virtual dialogue between its author and people … Good, that you share all inspiration and love for Art, Life and Nature with others. You know, your messages challenge us to think over so many things… that could possibly remain untouched… It’s very nice that you see… and let us accompany you :)

Vahagn said...

Thanks dear Hasmik! I am so happy to hear you found something interesting here! Yeah of course, accompany:)!