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Friday, July 4, 2008

from BANKSY to HENQ!

Yeah, this is a pure no-comment style artwork, captured from a wall in a city... done by BANKSY the lord of the streets ( The scary thing here is not that this could be the wall of your house, or of the house of your best friends or relatives, having such a big illegal graffiti on it... the scary thing is that this could be your KID! Imagine, you are living in a country which no more belongs to you, and your kid cannot freely carry her toys in a bag, while the terrorists of different kind are freely acting around the world and making a mess, then their own MESS MEDIA covers it the way they want... YUK!
I am sure this horror scene is possible to prevent if we all understand that WE are the state, and WE are to make the changes we need! The small youth group HENQ understood it in Armenia, and they keep taking the drops of water out of the biiig see of madness ... one drop at a time...continuously, but with the belief and with courage to not give up!
You know, that is enough for now. if you daubt they will empty the see - try to interrupt them! If you secceed - means you were right, and they didn't deserve the ambitions they had. But I daubt you will succeed;-)
HENQ, banzay!:)


Anonymous said...

The Armenian youth have to bring his participation and modulate the existing system. Our generation has been jaded by politics because of corrupt and incompetent politicians. On the other end we are those who believe that politicians and public policy can change, most thoroughly, through grassroots organizations or civil societies. This entails educating the illiterate or the disenfranchised about what is occurring at the governmental level. It's about raising awareness, and through this, inspiring people to make change. But I think most importantly, it induces a sense of civic duty in individuals, which is something that in my opinion we greatly lack… It was the civic responsibility of each and every Armenian to go out there and do something. I can't expect a corrupt government to change and follow the rule of law, when we - the ordinary citizens refuse to follow the rule of law as well…


mariam said...

Very nice said,absolutely true.

Vahagn said...

Yes, I agree, thanks for comments!