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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Aude presenting the Hand Dance in Uzupio Kavine in Vilnius

I call her "Aude the Audestanding, Audenomous". This girl is the most arty person I have ever met! She moves a hand and it draws an art-line in the air !!! Here you see the "hand-dance" she gave a birth to, just like that, playing with the aura of her hands that she got as a present from nature quite long ago, and didn't say thanks" yet.... I guess now they all (Audestanding Aude and her 2 hands) live in more harmony and peace;-)


Vilnius said...

It looks like she is a very talented young lady.

Vahagn said...

Yes she is! She is like an art-virus:) Sprays lots of art-spirit around while just being who she is:) It would be so nice to have more of this kind of people on Earth. But i think it is still not too late to help them arise somehow;-)