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Monday, May 5, 2008

Creative fighting technique of oppoZombies: posting links to viruses

Please watch out with the comment under the previous post, because as far as I understood someone from the supporters of the oBOZition posted a link to a virus I guess...or at least a very suspicious website, that has no relation to the content of the post:)) I guess she is a blogger as well, and lives outside Armenia as it is written on her blog, but of course is probably "well aware" of the inner political situation and the issues of Armenia now, so she is reacting actively to what's happening here, what people are thinking and talking about. I bet she reads all the "alterNAIVE" media that armenian media zombies offer nowadays in big amounts. This reaction is a good example of the kind of "PAYQAR" (fight) that the oppoZombies claim to be pushing since they "realized" there is no other chance for Armenia to get better than now (HIMA) and with their "help" :)))


nazarian said...

These kind of comments are computer generated. I would suggest deleting it so that people do not click on the link by mistake.

Vahagn said...

Ok thanks fr reminding, I forgot to delete it before, but I just did it now.

autonome said...

In most of your "CH-Hayer / Non-Armenians idea to be shut down immediately for the sake of all Armenians!!! "
You blame the HIMA movement for 'paraktum' but few days earlier in this blog you did it yourself by calling the opposition oBOZition.

Vahagn said...

:)) Yes because it wasn't me seeding hatred on the day of april 24th when some Armenians were protesting against some other Armenians ESPECIALLY because it was April 24th and lots of people were watching us from aside... Those armenians could and should have not been doing it at least THAT day, but they ...did it! The whole world was observing us that day. Lots of azeries saw that we already came to that condition. They have probably felt lucky to have such people supprting their mood in Armenia:) No?

Aram said...

if people were given the possibility to protest freely they wouldn’t go with the drastic action of the April 24th march. They would march and hold meetings every day. but we know that on March 1st the bits of freedom that we had were completely destroyed and Armenia went deep into fascism even deeper.

On the other hand it was a march of the movement as against the oppression. Like on 23rd there was a neo-fascist march by dashnaks which unfortunately has been praised and encouraged. It really reminds me of the Nuremberg torch marches.

I am an antifa and my main concern is that the fascism in Armenia should stop.

My other concern is that a hysteria of blaming the victims is now in its way. It is the same as blaming the Jews in nazi-Germany or blaming a raped woman for it while forgetting about the implementers.

Coming to your argument to azeris sorry but it is pathetic. The only thing that weakens Armenia is the current dictatorship. Just open your eyes and look at the people who rule Armenia today. They are half educated bunch, real bandits.

Vahagn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vahagn said...

I don't feel secure as a citizen when people start measuring things in a rush, labelling things and each other, and seeing things in black and white only. if I ask you "am i now black or white?", what will you answer?? If you are talking about nazi and related crap, do you mean to hint i am not as against that all as you are???
Oops, look, again, try to not communicate in the style of accusing, but do a step of collaboration, if you WANT it, otherwise I highly question the sense of your posts here. I am not going to discuss your accusations. i am here to listen to what you want to add, and what can I add to what is not perfect in this country.

I didn't blame ANY VICTIMS! Protestors on April 24 are not victims, they are people united under an idea which i don't find the best as a way of expression or a fight for freedoms of whatever kind. And, if I aim to get the BEST results for my country and my citizens, I should choose all the very best ways of acting towards that goal. And I am sure there were, are, and will always be better ways of acting than the accusations, separatism and aggression. Point here.