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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey:) the letters you see are in Armenian, and I guess i will have to switch into Armenian on my blog because i am starting my "thinking against stupidity" campaign, and the poster you see is a subvertized version of an armenian "youth movement" which I thought i was a member of, until i found out there is more politics than THINKING in that "movement". Some of its members are officially representing radical opposition groups and were never able to sit and talk without exposing political ambitions to even those who were just interested in civic activism! So here is a reply for the disapointment they caused to me as an armenian citizen:)

P.S. the poster says "Skel a (it has finished) as a reply to the original "Sksela" (it has begun), and under that it is written "Politicized, special anti-armenian youth crap"


pigh said...

In turkish there is another meaning:)

Vahagn said...

And what is it in turkish?
let's get in touch, my email is i started a war against levo-lution !:)