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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Here we are, in my lovely Armenia in April 2007. Usually when I am in mountains again, I feel like I can't go back to the city-noise-smoke-concrete-jungle-chaos ...
But in a way it is good I never wanted to run from the facts of life, neither I ever get demotivated by them. I just love to be in nature a lot, and also to explore the big cities because cities are the places where lots of people live, and it wouldn't be nice to add more negative to their minds, to the amount of negative that is already there... I want to find ways of compromising, for a better coexistence of the technological progress (that makes the humans so much proud!) and healthy lifestyle. I am sure there is a way (or ways) to find the best options, so both - the humans and the planet would be happy for the "long term contract" that is called Human Civilization on the Earth:)!


Anonymous said...

Wish to be there now!!!

Thanks for sharing


Vahagn said...

That is a lovely place yes! You are welcome to visit!:)